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Tender Procurement

Our Tender Procurement Service includes but is not limited to the following:

Clients Requirement Meetings

Sliding scale fee based on saving acheived

Production of Tender Material

Use of online Tender Portal

Agreeing Tender Format

Liaising with Suppliers

Collating and Evaluation Resonses

Presenting Findings

Requirements identified and met

Our Tender Procurement Service is very similar to our Tender management service however instead of an upfront fixed fee; the fee is taken on a sliding scaled from the savings gained.

Producing and running a tender can be time consuming and costly so it is crucial that the results prove worthwhile. Quite often tender questions can be misleading or the data provided to the participants can be interpreted in different ways, which can lead to very different tender responses which are extremely hard to compare.

Over the years IDC Purchasing Services have learnt what should and should not be included in a tender, how the data should be presented and above all understand that the tender process should be open book policy. Our clients have access and visibility of every step of the tender process. 

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